1 Kings 1:7-42 NIV

7 Adonijah conferred with Joab1 son of Zeruiah and with Abiathar2 the priest, and they gave him their support.

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8 But Zadok3 the priest, Benaiah4 son of Jehoiada, Nathan5 the prophet, Shimei6 and Reia and David's special guard7 did not join Adonijah.

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    • b 1:8 - Or "and his friends"
      9 Adonijah then sacrificed sheep, cattle and fattened calves at the Stone of Zoheleth near En Rogel.8 He invited all his brothers, the king's sons,9 and all the men of Judah who were royal officials,

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      10 but he did not invite10 Nathan the prophet or Benaiah or the special guard or his brother Solomon.11

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          11 Then Nathan asked Bathsheba,12 Solomon's mother, "Have you not heard that Adonijah,13 the son of Haggith, has become king without our lord David's knowing it?

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          12 Now then, let me advise14 you how you can save your own life and the life of your son Solomon.

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          13 Go in to King David and say to him, 'My lord the king, did you not swear15 to me your servant: "Surely Solomon your son shall be king after me, and he will sit on my throne"? Why then has Adonijah become king?'

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              14 While you are still there talking to the king, I will come in and confirm what you have said."
              15 So Bathsheba went to see the aged king in his room, where Abishag16 the Shunammite was attending him.

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                • 21 1:15 - S ver 3; ver 1
                  16 Bathsheba bowed low and knelt before the king. "What is it you want?" the king asked.
                  17 She said to him, "My lord, you yourself swore17 to me your servant by the LORD your God: 'Solomon your son shall be king after me, and he will sit on my throne.'

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                    • 22 1:17 - S ver 13; ver 13,30
                      18 But now Adonijah has become king, and you, my lord the king, do not know about it.
                      19 He has sacrificed18 great numbers of cattle, fattened calves, and sheep, and has invited all the king's sons, Abiathar the priest and Joab the commander of the army, but he has not invited Solomon your servant.

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                          20 My lord the king, the eyes of all Israel are on you, to learn from you who will sit on the throne of my lord the king after him.
                          21 Otherwise, as soon as my lord the king is laid to rest19 with his fathers, I and my son Solomon will be treated as criminals."

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                          22 While she was still speaking with the king, Nathan the prophet arrived.
                          23 And they told the king, "Nathan the prophet is here." So he went before the king and bowed with his face to the ground.
                          24 Nathan said, "Have you, my lord the king, declared that Adonijah shall be king after you, and that he will sit on your throne?
                          25 Today he has gone down and sacrificed great numbers of cattle, fattened calves, and sheep. He has invited all the king's sons, the commanders of the army and Abiathar the priest. Right now they are eating and drinking with him and saying, 'Long live King Adonijah!'
                          26 But me your servant, and Zadok the priest, and Benaiah son of Jehoiada, and your servant Solomon he did not invite.20

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                            • 25 1:26 - ver 10; ver 8,10
                              27 Is this something my lord the king has done without letting his servants know who should sit on the throne of my lord the king after him?"

                              David Makes Solomon King

                              1:28-53pp -- 1Ch 29:21-25

                              28 Then King David said, "Call in Bathsheba." So she came into the king's presence and stood before him.

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                                  29 The king then took an oath: "As surely as the LORD lives, who has delivered me out of every trouble,21

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                                  30 I will surely carry out today what I swore22 to you by the LORD, the God of Israel: Solomon your son shall be king after me, and he will sit on my throne in my place."

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                                      31 Then Bathsheba bowed low with her face to the ground and, kneeling before the king, said, "May my lord King David live forever!"
                                      32 King David said, "Call in Zadok23 the priest, Nathan the prophet and Benaiah son of Jehoiada." When they came before the king,

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                                      33 he said to them: "Take your lord's servants with you and set Solomon my son on my own mule24 and take him down to Gihon.25

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                                      34 There have Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet anoint26 him king over Israel. Blow the trumpet27 and shout, 'Long live King Solomon!'

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                                      35 Then you are to go up with him, and he is to come and sit on my throne and reign in my place. I have appointed him ruler over Israel and Judah."
                                      36 Benaiah son of Jehoiada answered the king, "Amen! May the LORD, the God of my lord the king, so declare it.
                                      37 As the LORD was with my lord the king, so may he be with28 Solomon to make his throne even greater29 than the throne of my lord King David!"

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                                      38 So Zadok30 the priest, Nathan the prophet, Benaiah son of Jehoiada, the Kerethites31 and the Pelethites went down and put Solomon on King David's mule and escorted him to Gihon.32

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                                          39 Zadok the priest took the horn of oil33 from the sacred tent34 and anointed Solomon. Then they sounded the trumpet35 and all the people shouted,36 "Long live King Solomon!"

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                                          40 And all the people went up after him, playing flutes37 and rejoicing greatly, so that the ground shook with the sound.

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                                          41 Adonijah and all the guests who were with him heard it as they were finishing their feast. On hearing the sound of the trumpet, Joab asked, "What's the meaning of all the noise in the city?"38

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                                          42 Even as he was speaking, Jonathan39 son of Abiathar the priest arrived. Adonijah said, "Come in. A worthy man like you must be bringing good news."40

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