2 Chronicles 8:9-18 NIV

9 But Solomon did not make slaves of the Israelites for his work; they were his fighting men, commanders of his captains, and commanders of his chariots and charioteers.
10 They were also King Solomon's chief officials--two hundred and fifty officials supervising the men.
11 Solomon brought Pharaoh's daughter1 up from the City of David to the palace he had built for her, for he said, "My wife must not live in the palace of David king of Israel, because the places the ark of the LORD has entered are holy."

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12 On the altar2 of the LORD that he had built in front of the portico, Solomon sacrificed burnt offerings to the LORD,

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13 according to the daily requirement3 for offerings commanded by Moses for Sabbaths,4 New Moons5 and the three6 annual feasts--the Feast of Unleavened Bread,7 the Feast of Weeks8 and the Feast of Tabernacles.9

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14 In keeping with the ordinance of his father David, he appointed the divisions10 of the priests for their duties, and the Levites11 to lead the praise and to assist the priests according to each day's requirement. He also appointed the gatekeepers12 by divisions for the various gates, because this was what David the man of God13 had ordered.14

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15 They did not deviate from the king's commands to the priests or to the Levites in any matter, including that of the treasuries.
16 All Solomon's work was carried out, from the day the foundation of the temple of the LORD was laid until its completion. So the temple of the LORD was finished.
17 Then Solomon went to Ezion Geber and Elath on the coast of Edom.
18 And Hiram sent him ships commanded by his own officers, men who knew the sea. These, with Solomon's men, sailed to Ophir and brought back four hundred and fifty talentsa of gold,15 which they delivered to King Solomon.

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    • c 8:18 - That is, about 17 tons (about 16 metric tons)