2 Kings 17:29-32 NIV

29 Nevertheless, each national group made its own gods in the several towns1 where they settled, and set them up in the shrines2 the people of Samaria had made at the high places.3

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30 The men from Babylon made Succoth Benoth, the men from Cuthah made Nergal, and the men from Hamath made Ashima;
31 the Avvites made Nibhaz and Tartak, and the Sepharvites burned their children in the fire as sacrifices to Adrammelech4 and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim.5

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      32 They worshiped the LORD, but they also appointed all sorts6 of their own people to officiate for them as priests in the shrines at the high places.

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