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2 Samuel 20:22 NIV

22 Then the woman went to all the people with her wise advice, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bikri and threw it to Joab. So he sounded the trumpet, and his men dispersed from the city, each returning to his home. And Joab went back to the king in Jerusalem.

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  • a 20:6 - Or "and do us serious injury"
  • b 20:14 - See Septuagint and Vulgate; Hebrew "Berites" .
  • c 20:24 - Some Septuagint manuscripts (see also 1 Kings 4:6 and 5:14); Hebrew "Adoram"
  • d 20:26 - Hebrew; some Septuagint manuscripts and Syriac (see also 23:38) "Ithrite"