34 But when they realized he was a Jew, they all shouted in unison for about two hours: “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”

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      35 The city clerk quieted the crowd and said: “Fellow Ephesians, doesn’t all the world know that the city of Ephesus is the guardian of the temple of the great Artemis and of her image, which fell from heaven?

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      36 Therefore, since these facts are undeniable, you ought to calm down and not do anything rash.
      37 You have brought these men here, though they have neither robbed temples nor blasphemed our goddess.

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      38 If, then, Demetrius and his fellow craftsmen have a grievance against anybody, the courts are open and there are proconsuls. They can press charges.

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      39 If there is anything further you want to bring up, it must be settled in a legal assembly.
      40 As it is, we are in danger of being charged with rioting because of what happened today. In that case we would not be able to account for this commotion, since there is no reason for it.”
      41 After he had said this, he dismissed the assembly.