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Topical Studies

  • Why Christmas?

    Ron Edmondson
    Why Christmas? Why do we need Christmas? If the truth be known, you, like me, are just so busy “doing” Christmas, and enjoying it to, that you haven’t stopped to consider the reason for the celebration.
  • Beyond Sunday: The Child is Born

    Beyond Sunday: The Child is Born For to us this Child was born, and for us He laid down His life.
  • Steps to Sharing the Gospel with Your Family During Christmas

    Tim Brister
    Steps to Sharing the Gospel with Your Family During Christmas Here are four steps for sharing the gospel with your family. Check them out.
  • Will We Celebrate the Birth of Christ in Heaven?

    Randy Alcorn
    Will We Celebrate the Birth of Christ in Heaven? "The Word became flesh" is the true meaning of Christmas. So, do I think we will celebrate Christmas in Heaven? Yes, and here's why...
  • Our Mission Begins with Jesus

    Philip Nation
    Our Mission Begins with Jesus When we discuss the gospel and God’s mission, it is tempting to focus solely on theological statements and activities done by the church. However, at the core of the gospel is not an idea but a person—Christ.
  • Who is This "Son of God"?

    D.A. Carson
    Who is This Although it is a foundational confession for all Christians, much of the theological significance of Jesus’s identity as “the Son of God” is often overlooked or misunderstood.
  • The World's Wisdom Bows Down

    Michael Card
    The World's Wisdom Bows Down Why else would the magi have taken such an arduous trip if not for an aching need to satisfy a hunger that all of the world’s wisdom had not yet satisfied?
  • God's Greatest Gift

    Matthew Harmon
    God's Greatest Gift Here in this simple phrase we have mysteries so great that the angels desperately long to understand. In a nutshell, the greatest gift that God gives us is himself. But in order for us to understand the magnitude of what John is saying here, we need to step back and look at the larger story of the Bible.
  • What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

    John Piper
    What Does Jesus Want for Christmas? What does Jesus want this Christmas? We can see the answer in his prayers. What does he ask God for?
  • Beyond Sunday: Immanuel Forever

    Beyond Sunday: Immanuel Forever Immanuel does not mean “us with God.” It means “God with us.” Where will He be with us? In the eternal home he is preparing for us.
  • Faith to Believe and Intercede

    Josh Rice
    Faith to Believe and Intercede At the heart of a vibrant, healthy faith is basic communication. God calls us to the essential task of being in ongoing interaction with Him.
  • What was the "Star of Wonder, Star of Light"?

    Theologically Driven
    What was the One of the major “characters” in the Christmas story is—perhaps surprisingly—a star, one that some wise men follow from the East all the way to Bethlehem. But what was it?
  • Christmas is for Outcasts

    Craig Blomberg
    Christmas is for Outcasts Jesus' family history makes one point very clear: Jesus is a Messiah for outcasts, whether or not they deserve the stigma others attach to them. How are you showing His love?
  • Beyond Sunday: Celebrating Advent

    Beyond Sunday: Celebrating Advent Advent prepares us not only to commemorate Jesus' first, humble arrival in a manger, but also helps us more fully invite Christ into our present lives while anticipating His final, glorious coming.
  • Become a Fruit-Bearing Christian

    Andrew Murray
    Become a Fruit-Bearing Christian We need to see that if our work is to be acceptable and effective, it must come as fruit; it must be the spontaneous outgrowth of a healthy, vigorous life, the Spirit and power of Christ living and working in us.
  • Justified Thanksgiving

    Tim Brister
    Justified Thanksgiving For the Christian, thanksgiving is altogether different. We don’t offer thanksgiving because of work we have done but because of the work Christ has done on our behalf.
  • The Quest for (Self) Justification

    Tim Brister
    The Quest for (Self) Justification Even our expressions of thanksgiving can be a form of self-justification, and this is what we discover from this man in our text. Such self-justified thanksgiving is unacceptable to God.
  • Unacceptable Thanksgiving

    Tim Brister
    Unacceptable Thanksgiving A person can be a truly grateful and thankful person and yet be ungodly and rejected by God? That is exactly what I’m saying, and I want you to show you why this is true from our text.
  • Yadah: Giving More than Thanks

    Randy Newman
    Yadah: Giving More than Thanks The Biblical notion of giving thanks digs deeper than merely making a list. It is worth reflecting on the Hebrew word yadah, often translated “give thanks,” to see all that God has in mind for us. There’s more to it than we might think.
  • Solving the Mystery: Patterns in the Old Testament

    James M. Hamilton, Jr.
    Solving the Mystery: Patterns in the Old Testament When we come to the end of the Old Testament, we have no answer to the question of how all these things will be resolved. The resolution is brought about by means of the greatest plot twist in the history of the universe.