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Isaiah 10:28-34 (New International Version)

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28 They enter Aiath; they pass through Migron;1 they store supplies2 at Micmash.3 29 They go over the pass, and say, "We will camp overnight at Geba.4" Ramah5 trembles; Gibeah6 of Saul flees.7 30 Cry out, O Daughter of Gallim!8 Listen, O Laishah! Poor Anathoth!9 31 Madmenah is in flight; the people of Gebim take cover. 32 This day they will halt at Nob;10 they will shake their fist11 at the mount of the Daughter of Zion,12 at the hill of Jerusalem. 33 See, the Lord, the LORD Almighty, will lop off13 the boughs with great power. The lofty trees will be felled,14 the tall15 ones will be brought low.16 34 He will cut down17 the forest thickets with an ax; Lebanon18 will fall before the Mighty One.19
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