When you're looking up Scripture on our website (via the handy search bar on every page), you may not be aware of a few shortcuts that can speed up the process. Try these tips:

  • Short the books: You don't have to type the whole name of a book of the Bible to find a verse. In fact, you can usually type the first two or three letters and then enter the chapter and verse number. Some books have similar titles (such as Philippians and Philemon), and for those you'll need to spell out a bit more. But "Ge 3" is all you need to study the fall of humanity into sin.
  • Forget the colon: When you search, perhaps you're used to adding the colon between chapter and verse numbers. For example, you might search for "John 3:16." Well, our search box is smart enough to know how to find verses even if you just use a space instead of a colon. So, "John 3 16" would get you where you want to go. This works for ranges, too (such as "John 3 16-17").
  • Multiply your results: You don't have to do multiple searches to find multiple verses or ranges of verses. You can do it all at once. Just type your references and separate them with semi-colons. The results page will show you all of your verses in order. So, you might search for something like this: "James 2:3; John 2:4-7; Romans 1," which looks like this. Notice that you can mix and match verses, ranges, and even whole chapters.
  • Do it all: Combine all three of these previous tips, and you can do some serious heavy lifting of Scripture in no time. Perhaps your next search could look like this: "Ja 3; Gen 2 3-4; Ps 23 1."