1 Timothy 2:8-15 CEB

Instructions for men and women

8 Therefore, I want men to pray everywhere by lifting up hands that are holy, without anger or argument.

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      9 In the same way, I want women to enhance their appearance with clothing that is modest and sensible, not with elaborate hairstyles, gold, pearls, or expensive clothes.
      10 They should make themselves attractive by doing good, which is appropriate for women who claim to honor God.
      11 A wifea should learn quietly with complete submission.

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        • b 2:11 - Or <i>a woman</i>
          12 I don't allow a wifeb to teach or to control her husband.c Instead, she should be a quiet listener.

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            • c 2:12 - Or <i>a woman</i>
            • d 2:12 - Or <i>a man</i>
              13 Adam was formed first, and then Eve.
              14 Adam wasn't deceived, but rather his wifed became the one who stepped over the line because she was completely deceived.

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                • e 2:14 - Or <i>the woman</i>
                  15 But a womane will be kept safe through childbirthf provided she continues in faith, love, and holiness, combined with self-control.

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                    • f 2:15 - Or <i>a wife</i>
                    • g 2:15 - Or <i>saved through childbearing</i>