Ezekiel 6:1-7 CEB

Against the mountains of Israel

1 The LORD's word came to me:

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      2 Human one, face Israel's mountains, and prophesy to them.
      3 Say: Hear the LORD God's word, mountains of Israel! The LORD God proclaims to the mountains and hills, to the valleys and their deepest ravines: I'm about to bring a sword against you and destroy your shrines.
      4 Your altars will be destroyed, your incense altars broken. And I'll make your slain fall in front of your idols.
      5 I'll throw the Israelites' corpses in front of their idols, and I'll scatter your bones all around your altars.
      6 Wherever you live, cities will be in ruins, shrines made desolate, turned into utter ruin. Your altars will be punished and then broken down. Your idols will be demolished, your incense altars shattered, and all your works wiped out.
      7 The slain will fall among you, and you will know that I am the LORD.