Genesis 44:1-6 CEB

Joseph tests his brothers

1 Joseph gave commands to his household manager: "Fill the men's sacks with as much food as they'll hold, and put each man's silver at the top of his sack.

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      2 Put my cup, the silver cup, on top of the youngest brother's sack, together with the silver for his grain." So he did just as Joseph told him to do.
      3 At dawn, the men and their donkeys were sent off.
      4 They had left the city but hadn't gone far when Joseph said to his household manager, "Get ready, go after the men and catch up with them! Ask them, ‘Why have you repaid hospitality with ingratitude?a

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        • ÿ 44:4 - LXX adds <i>Why have you stolen my silver cup?</i>
          5 Isn't this the cupb my master drinks from and uses to discover God's plans?c What you've done is despicable.'"

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            • Ā 44:5 - Syr; MT lacks <i>cup.</i>
            • ā 44:5 - Or <i>uses for divination</i>
              6 When he caught up to them, he repeated these words.