Isaiah 48:1-6 CEB

New things from now on

1 Listen to this, house of Jacob, who are known by the name of Israel, descendants of Judah,a who swear by the LORD's name and invoke Israel's God dishonestly and unrighteously.

References for Isaiah 48:1

    • í 48:1 - Or <i>came out from the waters of Judah</i>
      2 They are known as residents of the holy city, those who depend upon the God of Israel— the LORD of heavenly forces is his name.
      3 Past things I announced long ago; from my mouth I proclaimed them. I acted suddenly, and they came about.
      4 Because I know that you are stubborn, your neck is made of iron, and your forehead is bronze.
      5 I informed you long ago; before they came about I proclaimed them to you so you wouldn't say, "My idol did them; my wood statue and metal god commanded them."
      6 You've heard and seen all this— won't you admit it? From now on I'll tell you new things, guarded secrets that you don't know.