Jeremiah 35:1-6 CEB

1 Jeremiah received the LORD's word during the rule of Judah's King Jehoiakim, Josiah's son:
2 Go to the Rechabite family and invite them to come to one of the rooms of the LORD's temple. When they arrive, offer them some wine to drink.
3 So I took Jaazaniah, Jeremiah's son and Habazziniah's grandson, and his brothers and all his sons, and the whole Rechabite family.
4 I brought them to the room in the LORD's temple assigned to the sons of Hanan, Igdaliah's son, the man of God. The room was next to the one used by the chief officers and right above the room of Maaseiah, Shallum's son, the temple doorkeeper.a

References for Jeremiah 35:4

    • ã 35:4 - Or <i>keeper of the threshold</i>
      5 Then I set bowls full of wine before the Rechabites, along with several cups, and I said to them, "Have some."
      6 But they refused: "We don't drink wine because our ancestor Jonadab, Rechab's son, commanded us, ‘You and your children are never to drink wine;