Leviticus 22:10-16 CEB

Unauthorized eating

10 No layperson is allowed to eat the holy offerings. No foreign guest or hired laborer of a priest can eat it.

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      11 But if a priest purchases a servant, that person can eat it, and servants born into the priest's household can also eat his food.
      12 If a priest's daughter marries a layman, she is not allowed to eat the holy offerings.
      13 But if a priest's daughter is a widow or divorced and has no children and so returns to her father's household as when she was young, she can eat her father's food. But, again, no layperson is allowed to eat it.
      14 If someone eats a holy offering unintentionally, they must provide the priest with an equal item, plus one-fifth.
      15 The Israelites must not make the holy offerings impure that they offer up to the LORD
      16 or make themselves liable to punishment requiring compensation by eating their own holy offerings. I am the LORD, who makes them holy.