Psalm 36

For the music leader. Of the LORD’s servant David.

1 I know the sinful utterance of the wicked: No fear of God confronts their own eyes,

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    • a 36:1 - Heb uncertain
      2 because in their own eyes they are slick with talk about their guilt ever being found out and despised.

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        • b 36:2 - Heb uncertain
          3 The words of their mouths are evil and dishonest. They have stopped being wise and stopped doing good.
          4 They plot evil even while resting in bed! They commit themselves to a path that is no good. They don't reject what is evil.
          5 But your loyal love, LORD, extends to the skies; your faithfulness reaches the clouds.
          6 Your righteousness is like the strongest mountains; your justice is like the deepest sea. LORD, you save both humans and animals.
          7 Your faithful love is priceless, God! Humanity finds refuge in the shadow of your wings.
          8 They feast on the bounty of your house; you let them drink from your river of pure joy.
          9 Within you is the spring of life. In your light, we see light.
          10 Extend your faithful love to those who know you; extend your righteousness to those whose heart is right.
          11 Don't let the feet of arrogant people walk all over me; don't let the hands of the wicked drive me off.
          12 Look—right there is where the evildoers have fallen, pushed down, unable to get up!