Travel plans to visit Rome

22 That's why I've been stopped so many times from coming to see you.
23 But now, since I don't have any place to work in these regions anymore, and since I've wanted to come to see you for many years,
24 I'll visit you when I go to Spain. I hope to see you while I'm passing through. And I hope you will send me on my way there, after I have first been reenergized by some time in your company.
25 But now I'm going to Jerusalem, to serve God's people.
26 Macedonia and Achaia have been happy to make a contribution for the poor among God's people in Jerusalem.
27 They were happy to do this, and they are actually in debt to God's people in Jerusalem. If the Gentiles got a share of the Jewish people's spiritual resources, they ought to minister to them with material resources.
28 So then after I have finished this job and have safely delivered the final amount of the Gentiles' offering to them, I will leave for Spain, visiting you on the way.
29 And I know that when I come to you I will come with the fullest blessing of Christ.