1 Kings 15:23-26 CEBA

23 The rest of Asa's deeds, his strength, and all that he did, as well as the towns that he built, aren't they written in the official records of Judah's kings? When he was old, Asa developed a severe foot disease.
24 He died and was buried with his ancestors in David's City.a His son Jehoshaphat succeeded him as king.

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    • • 15:24 - Heb adds <i>his father</i>.

      Nadab rules Israel

      25 Jeroboam's son Nadab became king of Israel in the second year of Judah's King Asa. He ruled over Israel for two years.

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          26 He did evil in the LORD's eyes by walking in the way of his father Jeroboam and the sin Jeroboam had caused Israel to commit.