Daniel 9:25-27 CEBA

25 "So you must know and gain wisdom about this: There will be seven weeks from the moment the word went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until a leader is anointed. And for sixty-two weeks the city will be rebuilt with a courtyard and a moat. But in difficult times,
26 after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one will be eliminated. No one will support him.a The army of a future leader will destroy the city and the sanctuary. Hisb end will come in a flood, but devastations will be decreed until the end of the war.c

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    • ~ 9:26 - Or <i>and will have nothing </i>or <i>and will disappear; </i>Heb uncertain
    •  9:26 - Or <i>Its </i>(the army’s)
    • € 9:26 - Heb uncertain
      27 For one week, he will make a strong covenant with many people. For a half-week, he will stop both sacrifices and offerings. In their placed will be the desolating monstrosities until the decreed destruction sweeps over the devastator."

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        •  9:27 - Correction <i>on the wing; </i>Heb uncertain