43 Heavens: Rejoice with God! All you gods: bow down to the Lord! Because he will avenge his children's blood; he will pay back his enemies; he will punish in kind those who hate him; he will cleanse his people's land.

References for Deuteronomy 32:43

    • w 32:43 - DSS (4QDeutq), LXX; MT <i>nations</i>
    • x 32:43 - DSS (4QDeutq), LXX; MT <i>his people</i>
    • y 32:43 - This line is missing in Heb; it is found in DSS (4QDeutq); LXX <i>him for the Lord</i>
    • z 32:43 - DSS (4QDeutq), LXX; MT <i>his servants</i>
    • { 32:43 - DSS (4QDeutq), LXX; MT lacks this line.
    • | 32:43 - Sam, DSS (4QDeutq), LXX, Vulg; MT <i>his land his people </i>or <i>his land for his people; </i>or, correcting, <i>he will wipe away his people’s tears.</i>