Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 CEBA

1 I said to myself,a Come, I will make youb experience pleasure; enjoy what is good! But this too was pointless!

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    • d 2:1 - Or <i>in my heart; mind</i>
    • e 2:1 - Or <i>the self </i>(or <i>heart; mind</i>)
      2 Merriment, I thought, is madness; pleasure, of no use at all.
      3 I tried cheering myself with wine and by embracing folly—with wisdom still guiding me—until I might see what is really worth doing in the few days that human beings have under heaven.
      4 I took on great projects: I built houses for myself, planted vineyards for myself.
      5 I made gardens and parks for myself, planting every kind of fruit tree in them.
      6 I made reservoirs for myself to water my lush groves.
      7 I acquired male servants and female servants; I even had slaves born in my house. I also had great herds of cattle and sheep, more than any who preceded me in Jerusalem.
      8 I amassed silver and gold for myself, the treasures of kings and provinces. I acquired male and female singers for myself, along with every human luxury, treasure chests galore!c

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        • f 2:8 - Or <i>many secondary wives</i>
          9 So I became far greater than all who preceded me in Jerusalem. Moreover, my wisdom stood by me.
          10 I refrained from nothing that my eyes desired. I refused my heart no pleasure. Indeed, my heart found pleasure from the results of my hard work; that was the reward from all my hard work.
          11 But when I surveyed all that my hands had done, and what I had worked so hard to achieve, I realized that it was pointless—a chasing after wind. Nothing is to be gained under the sun.