Isaiah 10:11-21 CEBA

11 just as I did to Samaria and her false gods, won't I also do this to Jerusalem and her idols?
12 But when the Lord has finished all this work on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, he will punisha the Assyrian king's arrogant actions and the boasting of his haughty eyes.

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    •  10:12 - Or <i>I will punish</i>
      13 He said, "By my own strength I have achieved it, and by my wisdom, since I'm so clever. I disregarded national boundaries; I raided their treasures; I knocked down their rulers like a bull.
      14 My hand found the wealth of the peoples as if it were in a nest. Just as one gathers abandoned eggs, I have gathered the entire earth; no creature fluttered a wing or opened a mouth to chirp."
      15 Will the ax glorify itself over the one who chops with it? Or will the saw magnify itself over its user? As if a rod could wave the one who lifts it! As if a staff could lift up the one not made of wood!
      16 Therefore, the LORD God of heavenly forces will make the well-fed people waste away; and among his officials, a blaze will burn like scorching fire.
      17 The light of Israel will become a fire, its holy one a flame, which will burn and devour its thorns and thistles in a single day.
      18 Its abundant forest and farmland will be finished completely,b as when a sick person wastes away;

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        • ‚ 10:18 - Syr, Vulg <i>body and soul </i>(that is, <i>completely</i>); MT <i>he will finish</i>
          19 its forest's remaining trees will be no more than a child can count.

          A few will return

          20 On that day, what's left of Israel and the survivors of the house of Jacob will no longer depend on the one who beat them. Instead, they will faithfully depend on the LORD, the holy one of Israel.

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              21 A few will return, what's left of Jacob, to the mighty God.