Isaiah 51:4-14 CEBA

Salvation endures forever

4 Pay attention to me, my people; listen to me, my nation, for teaching will go out from me, my justice, as a light to the nations.

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      5 I will quickly bring my victory. My salvation is on its way, and my arm will judge the peoples. The coastlands hope for me; they wait for my judgment.a

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        • õ 51:5 - Or <i>for my arm</i>
          6 Look up to the heavens, and gaze at the earth beneath. The heavens will disappear like smoke, the earth will wear out like clothing, and its inhabitants will die like gnats. But my salvation will endure forever, and my righteousness will be unbroken.
          7 Listen to me, you who know what is right, people who carry my teaching in your heart: Don't fear human scorn, and don't be upset when they abuse you.
          8 The moth will eat them as if they were clothing, and the worm will eat them like wool, but my righteousness is forever, and my salvation for all generations.

          Awake, arm of the LORD

          9 Awake, awake, put on strength, arm of the LORD. Awake as in times past, generations long ago. Aren't you the one who crushed Rahab, who pierced the dragon?

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              10 Didn't you dry up the sea, the waters of the great deep? And didn't you make the redeemed a road to cross through the depths of the sea, a road for the redeemed to pass?
              11 Then let those ransomed by the LORD return and come to Zion with singing and with everlasting joy upon their heads. Let happiness and joy overwhelm them; let grief and groaning flee.
              12 I, I am the one who comforts you. Why should you fear humans who will die, mortals who are treated like grass?
              13 You forgot the LORD your maker, the one who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth. You were continually afraid, all day long, on account of the oppressor's wrath— a fear by which they intend to destroy you. Where now is the oppressor's wrath?
              14 The imprisoned ones will soon be released; they won't die in the pit nor even lack bread.