Job 12:4-14 CEBA

4 I'm a joke to friends who called to God and he answered; the innocent and blameless one is a joke,
5 a torcha of contempt to one who is idle, a fixed point for slipping feet.

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      Proverbial wisdom

      6 Raiders' tents are prosperous and God's provokers secure, who carry God in their hands.b

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          7 But ask Behemoth, and he will teach you, the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;
          8 or talk to earth, and it will teach you; the fish of the sea will recount it for you.
          9 Among all these, who hasn't known that the LORD's hand did this?
          10 In whose grasp is the life of every thing, the breath of every person?
          11 Doesn't the ear test words and the palate taste food?
          12 "In old age is wisdom; understanding in a long life."

          God’s majesty

          13 With him are wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.

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              14 If he tears down, it can't be rebuilt; if he ties a person up, he can't be set free.