12 Is this nothing to all you who pass by?a Look around: Is there any suffering like the suffering inflicted on me, the grief that the LORD caused on the day of his fierce anger?
References for Lamentations 1:12
    • c 1:12 - Heb uncertain
      13 From above he sent fire into my bones; he trampled them. He spread a net for my feet; he forced me backward. He left me devastated, constantly sick.
      14 My stepsb are being watched;c by his hand they are tripped up. His yoke is on my neck; he makes my strength fail. My Lord has handed me over to people I can't resist.
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        • d 1:14 - Correction; or <i>my wrong acts</i>
        • e 1:14 - Or <i>a yoke is bound to my wrong acts</i>; Heb uncertain
          15 My Lord has despised my mighty warriors. He called a feast for me—in order to crush my young men! My Lord has stomped on the winepress of the young woman Daughter Judah.