Lamentations 4:5-15 CEBA

5 Those who once ate gourmet food now tremble in the streets. Those who wore the finest purple clothes now cling to piles of garbage.
6 Greater was the punishmenta of the daughter of my people than Sodom's penalty,b which was quickly overthrown without any hand-wringing.c

References for Lamentations 4:6

    • { 4:6 - Or <i>iniquity</i>
    • | 4:6 - Or <i>sin</i>
    • } 4:6 - Heb uncertain
      7 Her nazirites were purer than snow; they were more dazzling than milk. Their limbs were redder than coral; their bodies were sapphire.
      8 But their appearance grew darker than soot; they weren't recognized in the streets. Their skin shriveled on their bones; it became dry like wood.
      9 Things were better for those stabbed by the sword than for those stabbed by famine— those who bled away, pierced, lacking food from the field.
      10 The hands of loving women boiled their own children to become their food during the destruction of the daughter of my people.
      11 The LORD let loose his fury; he poured out his fierce anger. He started a fire in Zion; it licked up its foundations.
      12 The earth's rulers didn't believe it—neither did any who inhabit the world— that either enemy or adversary could enter Jerusalem's gates.
      13 It was because of her prophets' sins, her priests' iniquities, those who shed righteous blood in the middle of the city.
      14 People wandered blindly in the streets, polluted with blood. No one would even touch their clothing.
      15 "Go away! Unclean!" was shouted at them, "Go away! Away! Don't touch!" So they fled and wandered around. The nations said, "They can't stay here anymore."