Proverbs 25:11-21 CEBA

11 Words spoken at the right time are like gold apples in a silver setting.
12 Wise correction to an ear that listens is like a gold earring or jewelry of fine gold.
13 Like the coolness of snow on a harvest day are reliable messengers to those who send them; they restore the life of their master.
14 People who brag about a gift never given are like clouds and wind that produce no rain.
15 A commander can be persuaded with patience, and a tender tongue can break a bone.
16 If you find honey, eat just the right amount; otherwise, you'll get full and vomit it up.
17 Don't spend too much time in your neighbor's house. Otherwise, they'll get fed up with you and hate you.
18 People who testify falsely against their neighbors are like a club, sword, and sharpened arrow.
19 Trusting a treacherous person at a difficult time is like having a bad tooth or a wobbly foot.
20 Singing a song to a troubled heart is like taking off a garment on a cold day or putting vinegar on a wound.a

References for Proverbs 25:20

    • ‚ 25:20 - LXX; MT <i>vinegar on natron </i>(a detergent)
      21 If your enemies are starving, feed them some bread; if they are thirsty, give them water to drink.