Proverbs 27:17-27 CEBA

17 As iron sharpens iron, so friends sharpen each other's faces.
18 Those who tend a fig tree will eat its fruit, and those who look after their master will be honored.
19 As water reflects the face, so the heart reflects one person to another.
20 The gravea and the underworldb are never satisfied; and people's eyes are never satisfied.

References for Proverbs 27:20

    • … 27:20 - Heb <i>Sheol</i>
    • † 27:20 - Heb <i>Abaddon</i>
      21 A crucible is for silver and a furnace for gold, so are people in the presence of someone who praises them.
      22 Even if you grind fools in a mortar, even grinding them along with the grain, their folly won't be driven from them.
      23 Know your flock well; pay attention to your herds,
      24 for no treasure lasts forever, nor a crown generation after generation.
      25 When the grass goes away, new growth appears, and the plants of the hills are gathered,
      26 then the lambs will provide your clothes, and the goats will be the price of your fields.
      27 There will be enough goat's milk for your food, for the food of your house, and to nourish your young women.