Song of Songs 8:1-4 CEBA


1 [Woman]If only you were as my brother— the one who nursed at my mother's breast. I would find you in the street and kiss you, and no one would shame me for it.

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      2 I would lead you, I would bring you to my mother's house; she would teach me what to do.a I would give you spiced wine to drink, some of my fresh pomegranate juice.

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        • m 8:2 - Or <i>you would teach me; </i>LXX, Syr <i>to my mother's house, and to the chamber of the one who conceived me </i>(cf 3:4)
          3 His left arm is beneath my head, and his right embraces me!
          4 Make a solemn pledge, daughters of Jerusalem, never to rouse, never to arouse love until it desires.