Jeremiah 50:1-6 CJB

1 This is the word which ADONAI spoke concerning Bavel, concerning the land of the Kasdim, through Yirmeyahu the prophet:
2 "Declare it among the nations, proclaim it! Hoist a banner, proclaim it, don't hide it! Say: 'Bavel is captured. Bel is shamed, M'rodakh disgraced, her images shamed, her idols disgraced.'
3 For from the north a nation is marching against her that will desolate her land. No one will live there - both humans and animals have fled and gone.
4 In those days, at that time," says ADONAI, "the people of Isra'el will come, together with the people of Y'hudah. They will weep as they go their way, seeking ADONAI their God.
5 They will ask the way to Tziyon; and, turning their faces toward it, will say, 'Come, join yourselves to ADONAI by an everlasting covenant never to be forgotten.'
6 My people have been lost sheep. My shepherds made them go astray, turning them loose in the mountains. As they wandered from mountain to hill, they lost track of where their home is.