Joel 1:1-7 CJB

1 The word of ADONAI that came to Yo'el the son of P'tu'el:
2 "Hear this, you leaders! Listen, all who live in the land! Has anything like this ever happened in your days, or in your ancestors' days?
3 Tell your children about it, and have them tell it to theirs, and have them tell the next generation.
4 What the cutter-worms left, the locusts ate; what the locusts left, the grasshoppers ate; what the grasshoppers left, the shearer-worms ate.
5 Wake up, drunkards, and weep! wail, all you who drink wine, because the juice of the grape will be withheld from your mouth.
6 For a mighty and numberless nation has invaded my land. His teeth are lion's teeth; his fangs are those of a lioness.
7 He has reduced my vines to waste, my fig trees to splinters - he plucked them bare, stripped their bark and left their branches white."