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1 Chronicles 15:13

1 Chronicles 15:13

For because ye did it not at the first
Did not sanctify themselves, as the supplement in our version directs; but rather the sense is, ye were not there at first, when the ark was brought from Kirjathjearim as far as the house of Obededom, as they should have been; they were not then employed, as was their business, and therefore

the Lord our God made a breach upon us;
by smiting Uzzah with death, who was no Levite, and touched the ark, which is called his "error", and for which God smote him, ( 2 Samuel 6:7 ) on which place Lud. Capellus observes, the word "shal", we there render "error", signifies a "disease" in the Arabic language, and might formerly design a sudden one with the Hebrew; as an apoplexy; and so the sense be, that God smote Uzzah with an apoplexy, of which he suddenly died:

for that we sought him not after the due order;
but, instead of employing the Levites to carry the ark on their shoulders, it was put upon a cart.

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