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1 Chronicles 2:54

1 Chronicles 2:54

The sons of Salma
Another son of the younger Caleb, ( 1 Chronicles 2:50 1 Chronicles 2:51 ) whose sons were Bethlehem, the inhabitants of the place, at least many of them, of which he was prince, ( 1 Chronicles 2:51 ) and the Netophathite; the inhabitants of Netophah, a place in the tribe of Judah, mentioned along with Bethlehem, ( Nehemiah 7:26 ) these sprung from Salma:

Ataroth, the house of Joab;
Ataroth seems to be the name of a place in the tribe of Judah, where the family of Joab lived, the inhabitants of which were the descendants of Salma:

and half of the Manahethites;
the other half of the inhabitants of Manahath, see ( 1 Chronicles 2:52 ) ,

the Zorites;
part also of them, called Zareathites, ( 1 Chronicles 2:53 ) .