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1 Chronicles 8:8

1 Chronicles 8:8

And Shaharaim
Who was either a son of Ahihud, or rather a brother of his, another son of Ehud:

begat children in the country of Moab;
whither he might go on account of the famine, as Elimelech did, ( Ruth 1:1 ) , after he had sent them away; which some understand of those that were removed from Geba to Manahath, ( 1 Chronicles 8:6 ) , but a different word is here used; and besides Shaharaim seems to be one of those that were removed. Kimchi takes Shilhootham, we render "had sent them away", to be the name of his first wife, of whom he begat children in Moab; but it seems best to render and interpret the words in connection with what follows: he begat children in Moab,

after he had sent them away; even Hushim and Baara his wives;
after he had divorced them, for some reasons he had, he begat children of another wife, later mentioned.

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