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1 Kings 1:53

1 Kings 1:53

So King Solomon sent, and they brought down Adonijah from the
It being built upon an hill, as both that at Gibeon, and in Araunah's threshing floor, were:

and he came and bowed himself to King Solomon;
in a way of reverence and subjection, acknowledging him to be king, and himself his subject:

and Solomon said to him, go to thine house;
in peace; signifying that he pardoned him, and he might go home, and enjoy his family and substance; and by this intimating that he should only regard the affairs of his family, and not trouble himself with those of the kingdom and state, Abarbinel fancies, that because Solomon said, that if he showed himself to be a worthy man, or a man of fortitude and valour, that Adonijah thought that his meaning was, that he should go before him as a man of war, and minister to him; which made him so ready to come and stand before him; in which he was mistaken, Solomon meant no such thing; nor would he take him into his court and service, but sent him home to his own house.

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