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1 Kings 7:31

1 Kings 7:31

And the mouth of it within the chapiter, and above, was a
On the lid of the base rose up a lesser base, called the chapiter, which was circular, like a coronet, as the word signifies, the inside of which was hollow, for the lower part of the layer to rest in; this ascended straight up half a cubit, and then widening, went up half a cubit more, and so in its whole height, as here a cubit; the circuit or circumference of which is called the mouth of the base, into which the feet of the layer were set, the measure of which is next given:

but the mouth thereof was round, after the work of the base, a cubit
and an half;
which was either the circumference or the diameter of it; one should think the latter:

and also upon the mouth of it were gravings, with their borders,
four square, not round;
though the mouth was round, the border of it was four square, which had figures engraved thereon, perhaps the same as on the other borders, lions, oxen, and cherubim.

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