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1 Samuel 10:26

1 Samuel 10:26

And Saul also went home to Gibeah
His native place, where was his father's house, to which he retired; where were no royal palace, or princely court, nor any of the ensigns of kingly majesty; and whither it does not appear that he was followed by the nobility or princes of the tribes, only accompanied by a few men, as next observed:

and there went with him a band of men;
an army, or part of one they seem to be military men, at least men of strength, valour, and courage; gallant men, who, in honour to their king elect, freely offered themselves to be his body guard, however, until he was come to his house at Gibeah; the Targum is only, "some of the people"

whose heart God had touched;
and inclined to show honour and respect to their king; the Targum describes them,

``men that feared to sin, and in whose hearts the fear of God was put.''