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1 Samuel 25:24

1 Samuel 25:24

And fell at his feet
As an humble supplicant, having a favour to ask of him; it is very probable David was on foot:

and said, upon me, my lord, [upon] me [let] this iniquity [be];
which her husband had been guilty of; she desires it might be transferred from him to her, and be reckoned as if done by her; she would have it imputed to herself, and all the blame lie upon her, and the punishment for it be inflicted on her; for iniquity may be put for the punishment of iniquity: this was very artfully said, as well as expressed great affection for her husband, and care of his life; for she knew, if she could get the fault removed from him to her, she would be able to vindicate herself, and her innocence would soon appear; nor would this strong affection for her husband fail of answering some good purpose, as she full well knew:

and let thine handmaid, I pray thee, speak in thine audience and hear
the words of thine handmaid:
as it was but reasonable she should be heard, since she stood now as the criminal, taking all the blame of her husband's conduct on herself.

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