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1 Samuel 25:27

1 Samuel 25:27

And now this blessing, which thine handmaid hath brought unto
my lord
The present, consisting of the things mentioned in ( 1 Samuel 25:18 ) ; which came as a blessing from God, and with good will from her:

let it even be given unto the young men that follow my lord;
the servants of David: in the original it is, "that walk at the feet of my lord": and which the Targum paraphrases, "who minister before my lord"; and so Abigail's damsels are called "pedissequae", or "that walked at her feet", ( 1 Samuel 25:42 ) ; and with the Romans, in later times, servants were called a "pedibus" and "pedissequi" F4. This also is very artfully said, as if the present was not good enough for David, and worthy of his acceptance; might be agreeable to his men, and of service to them.


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