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2 Chronicles 33:13

2 Chronicles 33:13

And prayed unto him
To have mercy on him, and forgive him his sins:

and he was entreated of him, and heard his supplication;
and granted his request, showed favour to him, and forgave him his sins:

and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom;
so wrought upon the heart of the king of Assyria, as to give him his liberty, and restore him to his dominions; it is very probable his captivity was not long; for, being soon brought by his affliction to a sense and confession of his sins, by the overruling providence of God, he was quickly released:

then Manasseh knew that the Lord he was God;
and not the idols he had served; that he was a holy God, and hated sin, and a just God in afflicting him for it, and gracious and merciful in forgiving his sins, and bringing him out of his troubles.

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