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Exodus 29:28

Exodus 29:28

And it shall be Aaron's and his sons by a statute for ever
from the children of Israel
That is, the shoulder, which seems particularly meant, though the breast also was theirs, which was at this time given to Moses, he being priest; and this was an everlasting statute and ordinance in all generations, as long as the priesthood of Aaron lasted, until the Messiah should come and put an end to it: and this the children of Israel were always to allow the priests; the shoulder, because Aaron bore their names before the Lord upon his shoulders, for a memorial; and the breast for a like reason, because he bore their names in the breastplate of judgment upon his heart, and their judgment also before the Lord continually, ( Exodus 28:12 Exodus 28:29 Exodus 28:30 ) ,

for it is an heave offering:
it is lifted up to the Lord, and therefore is given to his priest:

and it shall be an heave offering from the children of Israel of the
sacrifice of their peace offerings, [even] their heave offering unto
the Lord:
it being heaved up and given to the priest, it was reckoned an offering to the Lord, and was accepted by him as a peace offering; and it was an emblem of the lifting up of their hearts to God, and of the going up of the affections and desires of their souls to him, and of their serving and worshipping him in spirit and in truth, who is a spirit, and was their Father in heaven, to whom their eyes, hearts, and hands, were to be lifted up.

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