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Exodus 30:36

Exodus 30:36

And thou shall beat some of it very small
Or every one of the spices; for this does not seem to respect any different usage of some part of the incense from the rest; but it was all to be beat very small, that it might mix together the better, and be easier spread upon the coals, and the smoke thereof go up the sooner:

and put of it before the testimony in the tabernacle of the
that is, upon the altar of incense, which was placed there, ( Exodus 30:6 ) and here it was to be put in order to be burnt, not to be kept, either to be looked at, or smelled to:

where I will meet with thee; (See Gill on Exodus 30:6)

it shall be unto you most holy;
reckoned by them most sacred, and not to be put to any private or profane uses.

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