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Job 33:20

Job 33:20

So that his life abhorreth bread
Through the force of pain he loses his appetite for food, and even a nausea of it takes place; he loathes it as the most abominable and filthy thing that can be thought of; even bread, so necessary to the support of human life, so strengthening to the heart of man, and what he every day stands in need of, and should pray for, and in health is never weary of; it may be put for all common and useful food:

and his soul dainty meat;
the most rich and delicious; such as the tables of the great and rich are furnished with: "food of desire" F16; or desirable food, as it may be rendered; see ( Daniel 10:3 ) ; such as in the time of health the appetite craves and desires, and is fed on with delight and pleasure, but now had in the utmost aversion. Pains and diseases of body often produce such a nausea in men, ( Psalms 107:17 Psalms 107:18 ) , and was Job's case, ( Job 3:24 ) ( 6:7 ) .


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