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Leviticus 17:5

Leviticus 17:5

To the end that the children of Israel may bring their
sacrifices which they offer in the open field
Which, before the tabernacle was erected, they were used to offer there, as it was lawful for them to do, and on high places, but now unlawful; though sometimes this was dispensed with by the Lord, and was done by some of his prophets, as Samuel, David, and Elijah, though not by priests:

even that they may bring them unto the Lord, unto the door of the
tabernacle of the congregation, unto the priest;
by whom they were to be offered, and by him only, and which is a principal reason why they were ordered to be brought thither:

and offer them [for] peace offerings unto the Lord;
which though only mentioned, include all others. These are only taken notice of because most frequent, and because most profitable to the people, having a part of them; wherefore if these were to be brought to the tabernacle, which came the nearest of any to their meals and feasts in their own houses, then much more burnt offerings, and sin offerings, in which the Lord, had so great a concern.

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