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Leviticus 19:6

Leviticus 19:6

It shall be eaten the same day ye offer it, and on the
The meaning is, that if it could be, it was best to eat it all up the same day it was offered, but if not, the remainder was to be eaten on the morrow, but by no means to be kept any longer; this shows that that sort of peace offering is intended, which was either a vow or a voluntary offering, ( Leviticus 7:16 ) ; and the Jews gather from hence, that sacrifices were to be slain in the day, and not in the night F9;

and if ought remain unto the third, it shall be burnt with fire;
as it is ordered, ( Leviticus 7:16 ) ; that so the owner might have no profit by it, and therefore be under no temptation to keep it longer than the fixed time.


F9 Bartenora in Misn. Zebachim, c. 13. sect. 7. & Misn. Yoma, c. 8. sect. 1.
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