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Leviticus 19:8

Leviticus 19:8

Therefore [everyone] that eateth it shall bear his iniquity,
&c.] Be chargeable with sin, be pronounced guilty, and endure the punishment, which is cutting off, ( Leviticus 7:20 ) :

because he hath profaned the hallowed thing of the Lord;
the flesh of the peace offerings, by keeping it longer than the fixed time for it, when it was liable to corruption and putrefaction; for after the inwards and the fat of them were offered, as Aben Ezra says, the flesh was holy, and to be eaten as an holy thing, and within the time the law required, or otherwise it was profaned and polluted:

and that soul shall be cut off from among his people;
be deprived of his civil and religious privileges, or be punished by the hand of the civil magistrate, or else by the immediate hand of God.

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