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Leviticus 27:19

Leviticus 27:19

And if he that sanctified the field shall in any wise redeem
Is desirous of it, and determined upon it at any rate, repenting that he had parted with it in this manner:

then he shall add the fifth [part] of the money of thy estimation to
the Jerusalem Targum is, the fifth part of the shekels of silver: that is, if he has a mind to redeem it, and is resolved on it, as soon as he has sanctified it, then, besides the fifty shekels of silver it is rated at, and might be sold for to another, he must pay a fifth part thereof, that is, ten shekels more, for reasons before given, ( Leviticus 27:15 ) ;

and it shall be assured to him;
remain firm and stable with him, abide by him, and he in the possession of it as his property, ever after, as if he had never sanctified it.

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