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Leviticus 7:13

Leviticus 7:13

Besides the cakes
The unleavened cakes, and the unleavened wafers, and the fried cakes; or with these, as Aben Ezra and Abendana interpret it:

he shall offer for his offering leavened bread, with the sacrifice
of thanksgiving of his peace offerings;
not that this was offered upon the altar, for all leaven was forbidden there, ( Leviticus 2:11 ) but it was given to the priest, that he might have change of bread, and such as was agreeable to him, to eat with the flesh of the peace offerings he had a share of, and to the owners also; and the whole of this consisted of ten cakes likewise, as will appear by what Maimonides F7 says; he (the offerer) takes twenty tenths of fine flour, and makes ten leavened, and ten unleavened; the ten leavened he makes into ten cakes, and the ten unleavened he makes of them eighty cakes alike, ten cakes of every sort, ten cakes baked in an oven, ten cakes wafers, and ten cakes slightly baked.


F7 Maaseh Hakorbanot, c. 9. sect. 17, 18, 21.
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