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Matthew 18:13

Matthew 18:13

And if so be that he find it
Which is a casual and uncertain thing with the shepherd, but not so with Christ, who certainly finds all those he goes after, and seeks: for,

verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep;
at the finding of it, whose loss greatly affected him,

than of the ninety and nine which went not astray;
who seemed not to go astray, were outwardly righteous before men, and, in their own opinion, being the same with the ninety and nine just persons who needed no repentance in their own apprehension, ( Luke 15:7 ) . This same parable is related in ( Luke 15:3 Luke 15:4 Luke 15:5 Luke 15:6 ) , and it being there more largely expressed, and along with other parables of the same kind, I shall refer the more particular consideration of it to that place; only observe, that it seems to me that this parable was twice delivered by our Lord, and that on two different occasions; once, as here, in his discourse on offences, and upon mention of his coming into this world to save lost sinners; at another time, as there, upon the Pharisees murmuring at his receiving sinners, and eating with them.

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