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Nehemiah 10:1

Nehemiah 10:1

Now those that sealed were
That sealed the covenant, made ( Nehemiah 9:38 ) .

Nehemiah the Tirshatha, the son of Hachaliah;
the governor of the Jews:

and Zidkijah;
who seems also to have been a prince, since, without, it could not be said it was sealed by their princes, ( Nehemiah 9:38 ) though some think both these were priests, and then the princes must be supposed to be among the chief of the people, ( Nehemiah 10:14 ) , from hence to the end of the twenty seventh their names follow; the names of the priests, ( Nehemiah 10:2-8 ) , who were in all twenty one; no mention is made either of Eliashib the high priest, nor of Ezra the priest and scribe; some think the former had not behaved well in his office, and that the latter was either sick, or returned to Babylon, or however hindered by some providence or another, since we hear of him both a little before and after, ( Nehemiah 8:2 Nehemiah 8:13 ) ( 12:36 ) then the names of the Levites, ( Nehemiah 10:9-13 ) , in all seventeen, most of which we have met with in this book before; next follow the names of the chief of the people, ( Nehemiah 10:14-27 ) , their number in all forty four; and their names may be observed in the list of those that came out of Babylon with Zerubbabel; the whole number of those that sealed, princes, priests, Levites, and chief of the people, were eighty four.

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