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Nehemiah 5:12

Nehemiah 5:12

Then said they, we will restore them
The lands, vineyards, oliveyards, and houses:

and will require nothing of them;
not the hundredth part of the fruits of the earth by way of salary:

so will we do as thou sayest;
they approved of his proposal, and readily agreed to it:

then I called the priests, and took an oath of them that they should do
according to this promise;
not that the priests were delinquents, they were not charged with anything of this kind, nor were they the men that promised restitution; but the priests were called to administer the oath to the nobles, and rulers, and rich men, to oblige them the more to keep their word; an oath being sacred, priests in an holy office were made use of to give it, that it might be the more solemn, and the more strictly regarded.